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WKO, located in Carson, WA. has been in business since 1962. WKO started out as a logging company, added a veneer mill in 1966 and in 1972 built its first sawmill. Today WKO operates a modern state of the art sawmill with dry kilns and a planer mill that specializes in high quality kiln dried dimension lumber and green timbers. WKO produces over 150 million bd. ft. annually on a one shift basis with a specie mix of 50% douglas fir, 45% white-fir and 5% ponderosa pine.

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WKO Sawmill
2022 Wind River Hwy, PO Box 8
Carson, WA 98610

Office: 509-427-8413

High Cascade Forest LLC: PO Box 1105, Carson, WA 98610
Mt. Hood Forest Products LLC.: 4865 Highway 35, Hood River, OR 97031;
PO Box 600 Carson, WA 98610

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